Friday, 12 January 2018

MAKEUP HAUL 2018 | Felicia Crowe93

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Wednesday, 10 January 2018


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In today's video, My husband and I show you our grocery haul with foods and items that will last us the month or more as well as some weekly groceries. Food is bought from Costco, Freshco and Shoppers Drug Mart. I did not include the prices of the items in this description because I threw out my receipt by accident.

I'm sure you are all aware the food and other items prices are going up right now because of wage change and what not, so what you see in this video won't always be that price because prices are on sale or will change to a higher price.

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Friday, 22 December 2017

Gingerbread Cookie Recipe: How to Make Gingerbread Dough

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Monday, 18 September 2017


In this week's vlog, Kiara learned how to jump using her jolly jumper super stand baby exerciser and to use a 4 months old sippy cup. I got my full G license! Went for walks, cooked, grocery haul and grocery shopped.

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Thursday, 29 June 2017

2 month old update


Today, I'm going to talk about kiaras 2 month update - her sleeping, feeding, health and play time activates.

Her sleeping has changed quite a bit. She knows the difference between day and night. She will feed most often during the day and 1 or 2 times during the night. Most of her feedings are 10 times a day. Although in the last few days she has been feeding 6 to 7 times a day with consuming 3 - 6 oz per feeding which equals out to having 25 to 32oz of milk in a day.

She is drinking half breast milk and half formula because I don't produce enough milk. At the begging of her 1 month mark she was drinking too fast, not burping a lot and was getting sick. She now burps every 1 oz If not than 2 oz.

Her Weight at 2 months is 9lb and 1 oz. She is in great health. She doesn't have colic or any illness. She is a healthy and happy baby.

The routine from 1 month to 2 months has changed a little. I bath her every night and give her 5 to 6 oz of milk right before bed and she sleeps 3 to 5 hours before feeding again. She loves bath time, she kicks her feet, doesn't cry and enjoys every minute of the bath. As soon as she is out and dry she looks content and ready for milk.

For playtime activates we read her books and sing her songs. We will continue this and aswell as going to books for babies at the library. Every three weeks I go to the library and pick new books out since they are only two week rentals.  She got a playmate yesterday and she absolutely loves it.

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

New Born Must Haves and Update on recovery.

Hello Everyone

Welcome to today's blog. Today I'm going to be writing about Newborn Must Haves, and an update on my postpartum and recovery of birth.
The newborn must haves I am greatly appreciative of and that came in handy once our bundle of joy kiara came into our lives. The essentials - bathtub, changing table/Pad, Diapers, ext to the musical chair, feeding accessories - Glass Bottles, Gripe Water. Every product I bought or received came in handy at one point or time.

The Bathtub is a 3 in 1 bath comes with three pieces - The Step/seat (bottom), the bathtub for when they outgrow the infant part, and of course the infant seat (top). At the moment, I'm using all pieces put together. The Bath is a good height for me to give kiara a bath.

The product is from Baby R Us.
Summer Infant Right Height Bath Center Tub
Link below

The changing table and crib were purchased from
The changing pad was purchased from baby r us. The changing table has two cubbies and 2 drawers for clothing? Diapers, wipes, blankets and anything else you'd like to store. The changing pad is very comfortable and has straps attached for when your baby is bigger and moves more.

I use Kirkland  (Costco brand) diapers and wipes. Diapers are 31$ for 192 diapers. At first, the diapers were going really fast but now kiara is 2 months old she is going poo-less and having pee more often. Therefore fewer diapers are needed and used.

The musical bouncer by ingenuity is a sleep saver and calms her down right away from the vibration feel and white noise sound that the chair provides We've been using this since day one and she tends to sleep very well in it. Most of the time she will sleep in her bassinet or crib laying on her back.

Feeding accessories that we use our glass feeding bottles from Born Free Breeze 
Link below on Born Free Breeze.

I use gripe water when she is not feeling well as it helps hiccups, stomach aches and much more. I'd rate this product 4/5. The gripe water doesn't come into effect right away and kiara doesn't seem to mind the taste of there is any. There are different brands and kinds of gripe water. The brand I got is Life.

Other products Iv received over the past month is a playmate and diaper changing accessories. 

Update on myself, I feel completely recovered from birth. I'm not in pain anymore which is great. I haven't tried biking or extreme sports yet. Iv has been walking and stretching for my exercises. slowly getting back into lifting weights and working on exercises for my whole body. I'd say my whole strength is not back, I can probably lift up to 10lb right now. Kiara car seat feels like 15lb, it's hard to carry for a long period of time. 
Time will come where ill be out and about biking, running and enjoying the joys of getting back in shape. :)

Thanks for reading. I'll be posting a 2-month update for kiara soon. :)